Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who has dispelled Our Operating Bath? (x or size) cdr or cassette

1. operating bath
2. climbing my drains against the sun
3. in this light i could sink

both formats come with ltd edition photographic insert..

3 tracks 47 minutes recorded winter 09

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Island's Eyelids - Floating Village E.P.

Island's Eyelids - Floating Village E.P. (X or Size)

13 tracks from the end of summer 09, an induction of a new process of composition involving (1) turntables and a microphone. A bond between the heady musics of hip hop and noise, and including a handful of short form pop tunes to balance the meanders of the Eyelands cassette. Featuring music from the past, present, and future of Island's Eyelids.
Hand made artwork in 50 Jewel Case cdrs, and 50 other Cdr's package in handmade grab bag of media.

Tracklist coming soon, associated full length coming soon.

Island's Eyelids - Eyelands

Island Eyelids - Eyelands I (C56 Rollover Rover) edition of 100

Droning pop experiments from a rainy summer in 2009 in NY.
Hidden tones in the cloak of the craft, 6 songs to settle or excite.

Side A
1.Geometric Hangover
2. Constant Comet////and the view from Istanbeach
3. Possibleye Gone Wrong (tape only track)

Side B
1.Pelican Praises its Prey
2. Circle Round the Son
3. Try Angles and Bees

Photographic print of original artwork by Island's Eyelids